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What is Takes to be among the Best Photojournalist in Kenya?

To begin with, Photojournalists in Kenya professionally gather and disseminate information in the form of images. They are widely known for their work in the media circle


s. They are therefore an important part of the limelight owing to the kind of work that they are hugely e


ngrossed in. For this reason, they are important and worthy of the idea of being considered in of gathering and disseminating information. There some types of photojournalists that should be considered once any job comes up so they may be considered for work in the first place. The following are some of the types of photojournalists in Kenya.

==Duties of Photojournalists In Kenya==


Photojournalists in Kenya do have many duties that they should undertake to make their career a success. The following are the duties that the photojournalists in Kenya and other parts of the global domain should undertake;

photojournalist in Kenya

*Photojournalists take photographs of segments of a film so they can be bounced off to the clients.

*Processing and Printing negatives on film.

*Developing audios for Videos.

Another role that photojournalists in Kenya should undertake is the development of audios to go hand in hand with the provided videos.

*Pitching Ideas


Photojournalists also play the role of pitching ideas for photographs to be used in the reporting stage. They d


o this by getting in touch with the editorial staff which makes the process of capturing the pictures fast and ea

sy enough. They also travel to photoshoot locations to gather relevant information on what they should be preoccupied with while gathering the information required.

Photojournalist in Kenya

==Freelance Photographers In Kenya==

Freelance photographers are usually preoccupied with selling their independently captured photos to various organizations so they may use them for future purposes. Freelance photographers in Kenya may even work online or with the people they can get in touch with physically from time to time. Freelance photographers highlight their rates before communicating with the clients to have their work done effectively.


Such of the projects that I have been is the Kibera Political protest where my images were published in Many media outlet both local and international

The good thing about the online photojournalists is that they are easily reachable with the click of a mouse which is an easy way to communicate with them without reeling under unnecessary strain trying to do so. Patrick Mo Photography is a perfect example of this photographers. We are available round the clock to provide you with those discerning photos for both your print and your Documentary work. Available in both email and cell phone number. Feel free to also reach us on WhatsApp any time of the day.

In some instances, freelance photographers may also bounce off their photos to social media platforms where many people can access once they want to attract patients within a short time.


==Media Photojournalists In Kenya==

The media photojournalists e.g Boniface Mwangi, who is currently running for a political office, do professionally sell out their services within stations such as media houses or websites that do disseminate lots of information to many people far and wide. They are usually given employment contracts that they work with. For that reason, they do follow the terms as provided by their employers so they don’t get cast away on the other side of the divide by risking to be dismissed from service supposing they don’t follow the instructions as required.

With the roundup information, it is evident that , especially Patrick, play a handy role in the gathering and dissemination of information. It is, therefore, necessary that interested organizations, as well as clients, should consider the competence of the our photojournalists so they can get in touch with competent photojournalists. You may easily do this by visiting our Contact Us Page