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Best Photographer In Nairobi Kenya

Photography in Nairobi Kenya is an indispensable requirement in this country since events take place virtually every single day in the corners of the country. There are many events that are noteworthy; requiring the services of professional Photographers in Nairobi Kenya meaning the organizers of such events should be willing to go the extra mile of spreading their wings to get in touch with the best photographers in particularly in Nairobi. Personally, I do prefer high-quality services. In Kenya and specifically in Nairobi, there is dire need of the very best photographers in town with regards to wedding functions in particular.



It is therefore advisable that if one is in need of the services of such photographers, they should make a hasty point of reaching out to the professional photographers like Patrick Mo so that they benefit from the services. Whether you’re purely in need of either for a portrait, event coverage, business Portfolio, wedding, Documentary Work or other types of services is entirely up to you, meaning you’ll have to ensure that your interests are well satisfied by the photographers of your choice. Also, people certainly do need services that bring a sense of worthwhile pride into the pictur

Wedding Photographers in Nairobi Kenya

A Wedding Photographer Nairobi, Kenya should understand the right time to capture the shot of any photograph at the very right time so they not only manage to capture the best shot, but bring out the very best part of their skills and creativity. There is a couple of wedding photo ideas that may be considered in order to capture the very best shots without fail. Once the very best photos are timely captured, they will certainly go a great length in spicing up the wonderful day. Here are some of the exceptional photo ideas that wedding photographers may take into account.

  1. Before the wedding

A photo taken before the wedding ceremony actually begin sets people’s moods ablaze and irks their curiosity as they won’t really understand what will happen once they finally sets in.

*Wedding Invitation Shot

A shot of the wedding invitation may involve the bride and bridegroom either holding or trying to distribute the invitation messages to friends and family regarding the wedding day. The circulations of such photos reach out to a good number of people so they develop the desire to make it to the wedding.

*Brides and Bridesmaid Pre-preparation

Another opportune moment a wedding photographer in Nairobi may deem fit to take advantage of is the moment when the bride and bridesmaid are preparing for the great occasion. This may include getting their make-up done, assembling jewelry and placing the bouquets at their rightful place. In fact, such shots come out perfect when the people concerned are captured without their knowledge in any way.

  1. Photos Captured on the Wedding Day

The wedding day is yet another great opportunity for a wedding photographer to best exercise his or her skills in totality. First, it’s ideal to capture the shots of the bride’s and bridegroom’s first look as they prepare for the big day. The bridal party may also be captured if they come out together. Also, at the ceremony venue, important attendees like the parents of the wedding couple, flower girls and pageboys should be captured as they go a great length in beautifying the photos.

  1. Shots of Empty Venue

Our photographers may also consider taking shots of the empty venue or church before the event finally starts off. This is important as it plays the role of bringing out the clear details about the place. At this point, shots of guests both inside and outside the church may also be captured.

  1. Service and Exchanging Vows

The ceremony at the venue can also be captured particularly when the bride and bridegroom do exchange the wedding vows since this is the most important moment of the wedding ceremony. Also, their embrace and the moment of exchanging rings during the ceremony should also be well captured.

  1. Newly Weds Shots

Rights after these shots, Patrick Mo’s wedding photographers may consider taking shots of the newlyweds and their recession walking down the aisle. Also, the confetti-throwing moment is yet another interesting photo that may be very interestingly humorous to look at long after the event is over. Additionally, the exchanging of pleasantries with the bride and bridegroom after the wedding will spring forth a warm impression of how the day had been and end the wedding day on a high note. Photos of how the bride and bridegroom after the wedding days are also commendable as well. These are the things to look out for in Wedding Professional Photographer Nairobi, Kenya.

Qualities of a Good Photographer In Nairobi, Kenya

Before making the decision of getting in touch with a Professional Photographer Nairobi, Kenya of your choice, you have to consider a couple of highlights that prove whether someone in question is indeed a good photographer or not worth the shot at all. This is critical when it comes to the selective process as it places the customer at a good position so they do not end up regretting at the end of the day. Once you’re convinced that the services of the photographer in question are indeed commendable, a customer can go ahead to seek the services of the photographer fast enough to avoid falling afoul with the deal. Here are the qualities to look for in a wedding photographer;

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*An Eye for Detail

One quality to consider in a good photographer is an eye for detail. For that reason, wedding couples should be in search of people who are capable of keeping an eye on what they capture and consider them as very important so they don’t miss out on the very important details as they work on their projects. Also, wedding photographs should be ready to edit out unnecessary things within the pictures to attain something close to perfection.


Creativity is also another aspect in photography that can’t be over emphasized. It is therefore important that the customers wedding should ensure that the photographers bring out their creativity in totality to capture alluring images that will point all eyes to its direction. Creative photographers do have an innate ability to intuitively understand how to capture the very best pictures with minimal strain. They can also capture pictures at the appropriate angles effortlessly.

*Great Networking Skills

Another attribute of a good wedding photographer is having savvy networking skills as they can find it easy to relate with clients amicably without causing wrangles or disagreements. Also, such photographers have the tendency of approaching the top players in the industry and furnish them with regular information on what they do. With such a photographer, wedding couples will definitely have an easy time as such players do build commendable social proof that strikes confidence into the customers’ hiring them.

*Good Technical Skills

Technical proficiency is also an important attribute to look for in a photographer in Nairobi. Such a photographer can easily handle photography equipment for instance digital cameras and lighting. Additionally, a photographer should also have an easy time handling software programs that handily comes in handy when it comes to editing pictures.

*Catchy Portfolios

Another quality of top notch photographers is catchy portfolios that do a great deal in demonstrating the exceptional self-marketing skills of the photographers in question. They should also ensure that they’re on the lookout always to reach out to new customers. This attribute of being aggressive is full proof of the fact that the photographer is fully fledged and is well informed on what he or she is supposed to do in his or her business domain.



Since ambition is one of the indispensable components that fuel success in life, good professional photographers should have this great attribute by being hopeful and ready to make bold steps straight into the future despite the challenges that they may have to surmount. Customers can easily identify and notice ambition in photographers since they really enjoy what they do and are willing to land new customers at the slightest opportunity within their space.

*Familiarity with Legal Aspects

Another great attribute that great photographers shouldn’t lack is being familiar with legal aspects. Once someone is aware of the legal circles, they cannot find themselves out of place as they are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities with regard to fulfilling on their ends of the bargain. Some of the important legal aspects that photographers should grasp in order to demonstrate their competence and easily maneuver without strain are a profound understanding of the copyright laws and contractual obligations that they should undertake in order to avoid breaching the terms. Familiarity with legal aspects also enables a photographer to be able to present himself or she with utmost professionalism with grants them a competitive edge in comparison to other photographers in the photography field.

*Business Aptitude

A great photographer should also possess good business skills that they can build and sustain great businesses without reeling under enormous strain. One such aspect that proves their capacity of possessing great business aptitude techniques is the capacity to freelance, exceptional marketing skills and the ability to communicate with their clients in the best way possible. Also, they should be naturally patient in case something goes wrong so they don’t end up losing important clients or missing out on the important deals in the business.

Photojournalists in Kenya.

Photojournalism is yet another lucrative industry in Kenya since the dissemination of information takes places nearly every single day in order to keep pulses with daily happenings in the country. Photojournalists in Kenya are therefore sought after in many situations.




Images are therefore usually taken in order to provide solid proof of the gathered information so people can easily keep in touch with the news that takes place in the country on a daily basis.

==Qualifications for One to Become a Photojournalist in Kenya==


Despite the fact that the primacy of photojournalism in Kenya is hugely based on the ability of an individual to be a visual storyteller, there are some indispensable qualifications that they are supposed to meet in order to become professional Photojournalists in Kenya. In addition to that, most photographers do freelance photography and prefer bouncing off the photos to various parts of the country, thanks to advanced technological systems.

The main qualifications for one to become a Photojournalist in Kenya are successfully attaining a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism or any other related subject.The other quality is being accredited by the Media Society of Kenya(MSK), a government body allowed by an act of parliament of Kenya to Vet, Regulate and Govern journalists in Kenya. Further, it is noteworthy that proficient photojournalists should have the capacity to work across all platforms including online, print, broadcast and social media which has taken the center stage in this very era as most people mostly use it for communicative purposes.

Roles of Photojournalists in Kenya

There are certain roles that photojournalists in Kenya should be ready to undertake once they make the decision to take the plunge into the field of photojournalism, meaning that they should have developed the proficiency to carry out the duties by the time they attain the completion of their courses. The roles include;

  • Taking photographs or segments of video films.
  • Upholding ethical standards while capturing images.
  • Processing and printing of films.
  • Preparation of audio materials to back up the captured and gathered images.
  • Editing of photographs or videos for publication and specifically to the internet.


Working Conditions of Photojournalists In Kenya

Although photojournalism may appear and seem interesting as it sounds, there are some challenges that do abound in the industry once an individual manages to get into the systems as a professional. This means that the conditions may get totally challenging while working. However, the key to keeping moving despite the challenges is maintaining the passionate attitude as this is the defining factor that sets apart the exceptional from mediocre photojournalists in the industry.


To begin with, one of the most hectic challenges is that as a photojournalist, one must always be on call for 24 hours in order to handle news breaks that may crop up at any time.

These long and unstructured hours may cause an individual to spend many hours working which requires a great deal of sacrifice to be able to succeed in the industry. Another daunting challenge that photojournalists should be prepared to counter is tight deadlines on many projects and harsh weather conditions in some of the places they are supposed to get to with the aim of gathering information before submission. Photojournalists also sometimes lack the necessary facilities that are indispensable when it comes to handling projects.

Patrick Mo is a proficient Freelance photojournalist ready to work with any Organization, either for Journalism or documentary work. Versatile with a wide knowledge of the East Africa Region. His Magnificent work says it all. Available in all major Newspapers and exhibition Centers all across Nairobi, Kenya


This article’s contents entail Professional Photographers in Nairobi, Kenya and in particular, the wedding photographers, professional photographers, and photojournalists in Nairobi, Kenya. It explores these lines of work deeply with the aim of bringing out the essence of the personalities and the roles they play in their various fields of operations. They also swing in a different twist on how they operate and the tips clients should look for in order to hire the very best of the professionals.